Mastering Evrmore
*A collection of information about the Evrmore Defi blockchain*

Current Technical Documentation

Documents which described the Evrmore asset protocol as it is currently implemented and functioning

A set of technical parameters commonly required for integrating EVR into 3rd party wallets is listed HERE

Evrmore's asset operations are encoded into transactions by adding one or more extra transaction outputs. Those additional outputs always have a legacy value of zero. A special "asset script" is used to encode the asset operation. If the asset operation involves an address, then the asset script is appended to the traditional bitcoin-style output script. If the asset operation involves no addresses, then the script field of the traditional bitcoin protocol is omitted. Further details of the asset script protocol are documented HERE

Some typical examples of how transaction outputs containing asset scripts are combined with traditional bitcoin-style inputs and outputs to accomplish asset operations are shown HERE

"In Theory There Is No Difference Between Theory and Practice, While In Practice There Is"

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