last updated 2023-10-26

Mastering Evrmore
*A collection of information about the Evrmore Defi blockchain*

Project Overview of Evrmore

** New ** EvrLight and Nostr4Evr - Information about Evrmore integration with the Bitcoin Lightning Network, as well as its usage with Nostr

Asset Fundamentals - Document which describes the different types of Evrmore assets and their features

Usage Tips - Documents which describe the Evrmore core node software command line options, its RPC API, and its configuration file

Current Technical Documents - Documents which describe at the most detailed level the Evrmore asset protocol as it is currently implemented and functioning

DeFi Features Roadmap Technical Documents  - Documents which describe in technical detail the enhancements which are planned for the Evrmore asset protocol related to Distributed Finance, and what new functionality those enhancements will activate.

Summary of Evrmore Chain Parameters for Developers

History and Commentary

"In Theory There Is No Difference Between Theory and Practice, While In Practice There Is"

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