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Project Overview

A Peer-to-Peer System for Decentralized Finance Applications

Evrmore is a blockchain project which is specifically targeted at Distributed Finance Applications. It is a code fork of Ravencoin, which itself enhanced the Bitcoin codebase and protocol to support assets. Evrmore is being built by current and former Ravencoin developers, hodlers, and miners as a parallel effort using a different set of trade-offs with different goals and different strategies. Evrmore seeks to improve upon Ethereum's failed security promises by further enhancing Ravencoin's asset protocol to enable Distributed Finance functionality WITHOUT general-purpose smart contracts and WITH the security of bitcoin.

Coin Specs:
          Algorithm: EvrProgPow (Programmable POW with 3GB starting DAG)
          Whitepaper: On GitHub
          Roadmap: On GitHub
          Block Time: 1 minute
          Block Reward: 2778 EVR (2500.2 EVR to the miner & 277.8 to minerdevfund)
          Block Reward halving schedule: ~3.2years
          Total Coin Supply: <21 Billion
          Block Size: 2MB (may increase in the future)
          Pre-mine: No
          Founders Reward: No
          ICO: No
          Masternodes: No
          Airdrop: Yes (one time: 1 EVR per 1 RVN to on-chain holders at time of snapshot)
            Snapshot time: Ravencoin block 2,510,000 (approx 2:43am UTC on Oct 25th 2022)
          Start of mining: currently planned on Oct 28th.
          RPC port: 8819
          Network port: 8820

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