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EvrLight and Nostr4Evr
*EvrLight uses Evrmore as Layer-1 for diverse Lightning assets like Bitcoin is Layer-1 for Lightning money*

The EvrLight Announcement - A summary of why EvrLight is important and why it can be important for Nostr

An Overview of Evrmore for Nostriches - A summary of the Evrmore project and its features in the context of Nostr

An Overview of Technologies for Assets on Bitcoin and Lightning - A review of UTXO-based asset technologies, their support on the Lightning Network, the limitations of payment channels and why EvrLight is better.

Thoughts on Social Commerce - A collection of references and thoughts about Social Commerce, how Evrmore can enable it, and why it is important to Nostr's future

Protocol details of EvrLight - The technical details of EvrLight at the transaction and HTLC script level

Nostr4Evr - Preliminary thoughts about integration between Evrmore and Nostr

"In Theory There Is No Difference Between Theory and Practice, While In Practice There Is"

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Note: this is in no way related to the wonderful book "Mastering Bitcoin" by Andreas Antonopoulos