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EvrLight and Nostr4Evr
*EvrLight uses Evrmore as Layer-1 for diverse Lightning assets like Bitcoin is Layer-1 for Lightning money*


Nostr4Evr is a vision of the future in which the Nostr communications protocol is used not only to build a Twitter replacement but to create a global peer-to-peer social commerce marketplace. The EvrLight protocol empowers that vision by providing access to diverse digital assets and the mechanism to buy and sell them peer-to-peer using the Lightning Network and associated automation code. Protocols not platforms.

This webpage contains thoughts about integrating Evrmore with Nostr.  It is still early stage, so it currently holds just brain-storming thoughts on things worth building. Suggestions and criticisms are welcome.

For extended thoughts about social commerce click HERE.
For technical details about the EvrLight protocol click HERE.

The context:
  • Nostr4Evr uses EvrLight to integrate Evrmore's bitcoin-code-based UTXO-based asset management functionality with Nostr.
  • EvrLight enables the noncustodial atomic peer-to-peer buying and selling of Evrmore assets using the Bitcoin Lightning Network.
Nostr users already enjoy the power and fun of zapping Lightning Satoshis to their friends. Now, using nothing but Lightning Sats, they will also be able to buy, sell, or just give away event tickets, subscriptions, coupons, badges, authentication tokens, memes, shares, and NFTs. Using EvrLight, the Nostr community can build a social commerce economy to fund growth and to take on the corporate social media titans.

Thoughts on things worth building:

Whenever possible, things should be accomplished as simply as possible and without creating new NIPs or over-complicating current NIPs

NIP-46 (Nostr Connect) provides a signing service so that apps don't need direct access to private keys. The NIP should be generalized to allow the selection of signing algorithm

NIP-47 (Wallet Connect) describes a way for clients to access a remote Lightning wallet through a standardized protocol. There should be a new NIP or a re-write of this NIP to support more general wallets including the functionality which would be useful for Evrmore

NIP-57 (Lightning Zaps) defines event types for recording lightning payments between users.
    -It creates two new kinds of notes: kind 9735 (A Zap) and kind 9734 (A Zap request)
    -It requires:
        a) A Zap-compatible lightning wallet (like Alby or Wallet of Satoshi)
        b) A client that has implemented Zaps (like Damus, Amethyst, Iris, or Snort)
        c) Have your lightning address where you'll receive Zaps set in your Nostr profile in the LN address or LUD-06 field.  
    -There needs to be a way of doing this for more general asset types. Not sure whether it is best to re-write this NIP more generally, create a new NIP, or find a different approach

NIP-58 (Badges) are a very specific limited type of asset. This NIP should be removed or generalized to support a more comprehensive asset type description.

    -like &
    -a utility which allows you talk to your Evrmore core node (evrmored/-qt) node over Nostr DMs. It also will send you events from your node over Nostr DMs.

Nost-EVR-Address-Convert- A utility to convert a Nostr public key (npub or hex format) into an Evrmore address

A method or service where people can enter their nostr npubkey and preferred relay in order to be notified whenever anything is transferred into their equivalent Evrmore address.

Nostr could be used as a public bulletin board for asset owners who want to post a half-transaction "offer to sell" an asset using the 2-step atomic swap method. That method requires no interaction between the buyer and seller beyond the seller posting an offer and a buyer later accepting that offer. Such offers are built on Evrmore as half-transactions using SIGHASH_SINGLE:ANYONECANPAY.

EvrLight provides a built-in DEX for trades between BTC-Lightning and EVR or EVR assets. The only thing missing is the orderbook, which Nostr can provide.

Would it be useful to be able to post a raw Evrmore transaction in a Nostr note and have it automatically be transmitted?   
    -That capability allows total flexibility on the types of Evrmore operations which can be executed from within Nostr
    -But it assumes that the application provides the information needed for that capability to be useful. Otherwise the user would need an Evrmore wallet and explorer.
Authentication Tokens: Nostr user-IDs (npub addresses) can be translated into addresses on Evrmore. Holding an asset at that address could provides the nostr user with automatic login access to a website hosting subscription content or an event. When the asset is transferred (sold) to a different address (nostr user-ID and Evrmore address), login access would transfer to the new nostr user.
    -Implementation: When someone requests access to a web server, the user presents their public key to the web server. The server then presents an access challenge and asks the user to sign it using the private key corresponding to the public key. The server then uses the plaintext challenge and the signature to calculate the public key. From the public key it calculates the address, and then checks the blockchain to verify that the address holds the required access token.

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