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*EvrLight uses Evrmore as Layer-1 for diverse Lightning assets like Bitcoin is Layer-1 for Lightning money*

An Overview of Evrmore for Nostriches

Evrmore is a code and chain fork of Ravencoin, a proof-of-work GPU-mined blockchain forked from Bitcoin in 2018. Like Bitcoin, Ravencoin was launched in a fair way with no premine or founder rewards, no masternodes, no staking. Evrmore was launched in late 2022 as a code-cleanup feature-enhanced datasize-reduction of Ravencoin, based on the same fairness principles. Evrmore made the sole compromise of creating a minerdevfund (10% of miner coinbase rewards) which we hope will help fund development in the future (no coins have yet been spent).

Evrmore provides secure flexible fast inexpensive assets with human readable names guaranteed to be globally unique. Evrmore is a simple UTXO-based open permissionless decentralized noncustodial solution whose community shares the same values as Bitcoiners. We are Bitcoiners.

An Evrmore transaction looks exactly like a Bitcoin transaction, except for the contents of some outputs. Most Evrmore transaction outputs looks exactly like a Bitcoin transaction output except that an Evrmore asset control script may be appended to the traditional scriptPubkey. The Evrmore block interval time is 1 minute.

More details of Evrmore assets and the asset implementation are explained HERE

With EvrLight, the newly-announced technology to couple Evrmore with Bitcoin-Lightning, casual Nostr users will be able to receive, buy, sell, or give away Evrmore assets atomically and noncustodially using only BTC-Lightning and associated automation code. Average 1-conf settlement time will be slightly over 2 minutes. Furthermore, the transactions will be privacy-enhanced because the Lightning invoice payment leaves no on-chain record of the source of the Bitcoins. EvrLight is an enhanced protocol based on BTC-Lightning submarine swap technology interacting with the Evrmore on-chain UTXO Assets. Lightning thereby acts as a payment rail and noncustodial controller for Evrmore assets. The result is that Evrmore functions as the Layer-1 for diverse Lightning assets in the same way that Bitcoin is the Layer-1 for Lightning money.

For Nostr users, the UTXO on the Evrmore blockchain could hold assets and EVR at an Evrmore address which is equivalent to the Nostr user's npubkey and could therefore be spent by their nseckey. An alternate address could be specified by the user in their Nostr profile if desired and the user might specify a different user's npubkey if they are giving the asset to someone else. Assets which are intended for purchase or sale by Nostr users are prepared by bundling them with enough EVR coins to satisfy an anticipated number of Evrmore on-chain mining fees. No Bitcoin on-chain fees or confirmations are involved, so transactions confirm inexpensively within about two minutes on average.

More complex asset operations such as issueing, reissueing, editing metadata, or extended trading after the bundled EVR are exhausted are in theory also possible using only a Lightning wallet and associated automation code. Lightning wallets with those capabilities may become available. But in the near term merchants should plan to use an Evrmore native wallet for those operations. Evrmore provides evrmore-qt (C++ desktop for Linux/Windows), electrum-evrmore (Python for Linux/Windows), and Moontree (Android) wallets.

An overview of how EvrLight works, compared to how other Asset technologies interact with Bitcoin-Lightning and their limitations is explained HERE
Technical protocol details of EvrLight are documented HERE

Nostr and Lightning both face challenges in how to pay for the infrastructure and developers they need to prosper. Supporting flexible assets can help Nostr developers build the Social Commerce features needed for a global market community. Lightning node operators could increase their volume and income by being not only the fastest and least expensive way to buy things with Bitcoin, but by also becoming the standard way to buy tickets, subscriptions, and many other types of assets. We are confident that Evrmore will prevail as the best asset solution. But for the good of both Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr, if you don't like something about Evrmore, try a different asset solution. Evrmore welcomes the opportunity to compete and win against other solutions.

Additional thoughts and references about Social Commerce are available HERE

"In Theory There Is No Difference Between Theory and Practice, While In Practice There Is"

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Note: this is in no way related to the wonderful book "Mastering Bitcoin" by Andreas Antonopoulos